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Make your love
more than one season.

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Cornetto, the ice cream that has united couples for decades,
created a gadget to prevent the most common reason why couples fight nowadays:
watching episodes ahead of your partner.

Two rings with NFC technology linked to a video
streaming platform that can only be activated when the rings are together.

Here’s how
it works.

The Commitment Rings have NFC technology and are
linked to a video streaming service account for six
months. With it's mobile app, couples can pick the
series they want to watch together.

So, when the rings are close to each other, the app
detects them and automatically unblocks those series.

First step: Television

Select the series
you want to
watch together.

Second step: Rings close to the mobile

Put both rings
close to your phone
to unlock the app.

Third step: Television

Share the series
you love, with your
loved one.

Ring composing the layoutRing composing the layout
Cellphone with screen: Join both rings together to the mobile at the same time to unblock your seriesCellphone with screen: Select the series you want to watch togetherRings infront cellphones

Cornetto is partnering with some of the top streaming services to make the Commitment Rings available to everyone.

“Cornetto serves up a genius piece
of marketing service.”

“That’s brilliant!”

“It's a great use of technology."

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